Sincerely looking for agents from all continents, we invite you to share a wealth feast.


In order to better serve the local market, we need to recruit 5 agents to jointly operate and develop. The requirements are as follows:

1.With independent legal personality, able to provide relevant documents such as business licenses, corporate identity cards, office photos, etc.; (photo copies)

2.Should have a good business scale, good office conditions, equipment and personnel, a fixed business location, good credit and business reputation;

3.Must have a certain sales network and marketing ideas, have the ability to expand our product market in the short term;

4.Vicious competition shall not be carried out among the agents; business operations shall be carried out within their respective authorized areas;

5.Willing to concentrate on operating our products, must not engage in the same kind of glue products of other companies in the same industry, and fully confident in our products and the future market;

6.Be able to operate honestly and be willing to accept the business guidance of our company and keep consistent with our strategic decision;

7.Agree with the various systems and regulations of our company, and able to actively participate in various activities organized by our company for agents.



Support we will provide:

1.Uniform Price: We supply goods to all agents at a uniform price;

2.Regional Protection: We will not accept inquiries from regional customers, from where that have agents. When this happens, we will forward it to the regional agents;

3.Price Support: We will offer competitive product prices for agents at all levels according to regional sales and competitors' prices. We promise to adjust product prices according to market conditions;

4.Promotional Activities: We organize national promotional activities from time to time according to the needs of the market expansion so as to expand the visibility and influence of corporate brands and products in the region. Regional agents can also apply for promotional support to us upon different market competition.

Product Training: We will provide agents with training on the functions, performance and usage methods of the products.

For more details, please contact Harvey Zhu.

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