How to use

How to Use:

Clean the surfaces of the two items to be glued together to ensure no water, dust, rust or oil on them. Apply the glue on the surfaces, pay attention to the intervals of application, and then flatten the surfaces with pressure. A light item glued in this way can be used after 24 hours. A heavy item should be fixed with adhesive tapes or by other means, and can be used after 72 hours! (This product cannot be used to glue PE, rubber or similar materials.)



during the gluing process, join and separate the items glued  twice to effectively shorten the curing period.



1.High load bearing capacity

2.No nails needed

3.Environment friendly

4.No bores required

5.Stable and durable

6.No harms to wall surfaces

7.Applicable to 99% of regular materials

8.Paints compatible